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Yoga Poses to Burn Calories in Your Body – The 5 Effective Ones

Most of us have the following misconceptions about yoga poses to burn calories:

  1. Yoga is a low-intensity workout

  2. It is mainly for psychological and mental health development and not for physical health improvement

  3. Yoga is an “easy” way out of your daily rigorous workout routines.

Many yoga enthusiasts also feel they need to do “high-intensity” workouts along the side like running, cardio and spin classes to increase endurance and burn more calories. Let me tell you, ALL of these are FALSE. The truth will surprise you. According to Mandy Ingber – a celebrated yoga instructor and the author of “Yogaloscopy for Inner Strength”, suitable yoga poses to burn calories can help you reduce 180 to 600 calories per hour. Now, do I have your attention? Yoga is not just about mindfulness. Yoga is also about increasing strength and bringing a balance between flexibility and endurance.

Also, did you know? Just because you are sweating more in the traditional exercises doesn’t mean burning many calories. So, the question is, can yoga help you burn calories? YES, it can. However, the calories you burn through yoga sessions depend on the poses. Also, height, gender, and weight matter.

In the following section of the blog, we will share the top 5 yoga poses to burn calories.

The Top 5 Yoga Poses to Burn Calories

There are different types of yoga that will vary directly from constant movement to a slow and more restorative pace. You will burn more calories with Bikram or Vinyasa Yoga than with the restorative one. However, the specific yoga poses matter a lot. Thus, if you want to burn calories through yoga, you must do these 5 poses as a regular part of your practice.

Plank – One of the Most Common Yoga Poses to Burn Calories

It is such a yoga pose that burns a lot of calories because, for this pose, you need the major muscle groups, including the shoulders, abs, and glutes, to force your body to resist gravity. You can also increase the calorie burn with many variations like raising one foot an inch or two off the mat. The general practice is to stay for 30 seconds. However, the longer you stay in that pose, the higher calories you shall burn.

Plank - One of the Most Common Yoga Poses to Burn Calories


How to do this pose – Get into the tabletop position by placing the hands at a shoulder distance apart in front of you. Ensure that the shoulders are directly above the wrists, jump your feet back and put your toes on the floor. Squeeze the glutes and the core. Ensure they are lifted, so the body forms a straight line from the head to the feet. Keep the neck in a neutral position and stare at a spot on the floor right before you. Hold your breath for 3 to 5 breaths.


Speaking about burning calories with yoga, you must activate the largest muscles of your body to do this pose. It is called the glutes. It will automatically help you to burn a lot of calories. When it comes to yoga poses to burn calories, this is an ideal one. The chair pose is safe and easy, even for someone just starting to do yoga daily.

Chair - Yoga Poses to Burn Calories


How to do this pose – Start with standing in a mountain pose with your feet kept together. Your hands must be at your sides. Bend the knees and then send your hips back so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your heels pressed down to ensure stability. The knees must be over the toes, and the torso should have a slight forward lean. Push the shoulders and back, and then raise the arms above your head.

Chaturanga Dandasana – A High-Intensity Yoga Pose to Burn Calories

It is a classic yoga pose to burn calories, like holding the lower part of the body like a push-up, and when it is done correctly, it will engage most of the muscles of your body. The important thing is to contract your core, while the legs and arms shall maintain a 90-degree angle in the elbows. This yoga pose to burn calories seems easy. However, even the most advanced practitioners must be mindful and move with control. 

Chaturanga Dandasana -  yoga pose to burn calories

Chaturanga Dandasana

How to do this pose – You must get in a plank position on a yoga mat. Do this so that your shoulders are directly above the wrists. Next, lower your body to the mat and shift your weight on the plank to pull up your upper body. Keep the thighs lifted and take them away from the floor. Don’t keep your hips up or let the shoulders get lower than the elbows. Instead, pin the back muscles to the shoulder blades, bend the elbows, and hug them close to the lower ribs. Lengthen the tailbone and keep the neck long. This Yoga pose to burn calories is known as the upward-facing dog.

Wheel Pose

This yoga pose to burn calories is ideal for better physical and mental health. The wheel pose is aspirational. You must be attentive to form an alignment. It “opens” up the heart and stretches the complete front body. The wheel pose will engage your lungs, shoulders, buttocks, arms, lungs, and heart. 

Wheel Pose - yoga pose to burn calories

Wheel Pose

How to do this pose – The first step is to lie on the back of a yoga mat. Bend the knees, keep the feet on the floor, just the hip distance apart. Bend the elbows and bring the palms by the shoulder. Your fingers should point towards the feet. Press the palms and feet on the mat while you lift the shoulders and butt off the floor. Next, bring the crown of the head to the yoga mat and make sure that the elbows are in parallel. Straight your arms, press up and lift your head off the floor.

High Lunge

It is a common yoga pose to burn calories. Chances are, you might have seen this pose in other different workouts, apart from yoga. The best part about this yoga pose is that it works the whole body. This is specifically good for the quads and glutes. Also, the high lunge is a yoga pose for strength. You’ll need a lot of balance because you shall be high up on the ball of the back foot. Therefore, your body works harder whenever you add balance to any pose. Thus, it is an outstanding yoga pose to burn calories

High Lunge - yoga pose to burn calories

High Lunge

How to do this pose – You must stand on the mat with your feet hip distance apart. Now, come in standing forward bend. Your fingers must touch the floor. The next step is to step the right foot back with the ball of the foot on the mat. Next, bend the left knee in such a way that it forms a 90-degree angle. Next, place the torso on the left thigh and lengthen it while you lift the upper body and raise your arms overhead. Keep the right leg straight; press the right heel on the floor. Hold this for three to five breaths, then repeat on another side.

In Conclusion

The relation between yoga and burning calories is simple. The more intense a yoga pose is, the higher calories you shall burn. The whole logic of burning calories will depend on the sweating. Yoga enthusiasts and instructors worldwide believe it is the best way to eliminate toxic materials from your body. We have compiled a list of the top 5 yoga poses to burn calories. Your body will need a lot of energy while doing the above yoga poses, which gets replenished due to steady breathing. Therefore, your body needs more oxygen to stay warm. To keep the temperature, the body sweats while burning extra calories, maintaining the weight and health as well. 

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