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Yoga for Weight Loss – Does Yoga Help You with Weight Loss?

Let’s admit it! A lot of us have issues with weight loss. Not just because of our eating habits or lifestyle, but obesity is also a complex disease. Despite our best efforts, it becomes troublesome for most of us to reduce weight. If you have a family history of obesity issues, it will be highly likely for you to have the same issues. Now, the question is, does yoga help you lose weight? Is yoga for weight loss effective?

When it comes to weight loss, yoga may not be the first option for a lot of people. However contrary to the popular belief, yoga can help you reduce weight and burn a ton of calories. All you must do is choose the right kind of asanas that can help you lose weight more than any intense workout. Speaking about yoga for weight loss, in the following section of the blog, we will share the details on how yoga helps with reducing weight.

1. Yoga Helps You Manage Stress that Impacts Weight Gain

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”. It means uniting the body and mind. This is a holistic mind-body practice which improves the cause of weight gain. A lot of people might experience physical stress, pain or sleep deprivation, or it might be psychological and cause anxiety or agitation.

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Source – Yoga Journal & Yoga Alliance

With stress, there is an increase in the hormone cortisol. Cortisol increases abdominal fat, reduces muscle mass, and causes fat cravings and cravings for sugar-rich food, leading to obesity. Yoga helps to reduce stress and cortisol levels. It enhances the mood, reduces depression and anxiety, improves chronic conditions, and improves sleep.

2. Yoga Helps to Improve Mindfulness and Helps with Eating Disorders

A lot of us crave ice cream after 9 PM. Sometimes we can’t stop eating potato chips even when we know that these eating behaviors won’t let us lose weight. We know that eating veggies, whole grains, and lean protein can help you lose weight. One of the best ways yoga can help you with weight loss is it improves your mindfulness and awareness of the body. That’s why yoga is also called moving meditation. By improving mindfulness yoga reduces emotional eating, binge eating or stress eating.

3. Connecting with a Yoga Community Offers Support

Just like going to a gym, when you practice yoga with a lot of like-minded people, you connect with a community. The culture of yoga includes support, kindness and self-acceptance. The yoga teachers and advanced practitioners serve as role models and they inspire new students to have a better and healthier lifestyle. Did you know? Social networks influence behaviors that affect our weight. The yoga network encourages you to have positive health. Therefore, when you become a part of such a community, it helps you to make a meaning full difference in weight loss.

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

So we have mentioned the ways how yoga opens up the psychological doorways for weight loss. Now, in the following section, we will share the details on the types of yoga poses for weight loss. However, if you have not done yoga before, it is better to start with beginner-level classes. You shall burn a lot of calories in the athletic Vinyasa yoga classes. These styles mostly start with a fast-paced series of poses. These poses are known as the sun salutations which are followed by a few standing pose that will help you keep moving. Once you are warmed up, you can opt for the deeper stretches and backbends.

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Source – The Global Yoga Survey

1. Ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga for weight loss is one of the most vigorous styles of yoga practice. Therefore, the practitioners of this yoga are highly dedicated yogis. Beginners can sign up for a series of classes. The best thing about Ashtanga yoga is that it follows the same series of poses every time. Therefore, once you learn the sequence you can practice this yoga anytime at home.

2. Power Yoga

This kind of yoga for weight loss is highly popular in health clubs and gyms. Also, it is available in the dedicated yoga studios as well. Power yoga is based on building the intensity and heat of the body while doing Ashtanga yoga. Therefore, the whole body goes through a series of poses helping you with weight loss.

3. Hot Yoga

When you practice Vinyasa yoga for weight loss in a hot room, it ups the ante and ensures that you’ll sweat. Many people confuse Bikram yoga with hot yoga. Both of them are not the same. Bikram yoga is a pioneering style of yoga that includes a series of poses. This is a format of yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury. At present, there is a wide array of hot yoga that makes use of the hot room but not the complete Bikram series.

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The following are the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga in the hot yoga format.

  1. Offers a more vigorous workout

  2. Includes fast-paced movements

  3. Follows a sequence of set poses

  4. The poses range from standing to being seated

  5. It is great for burning calories

Some Gentle Yoga for Weight Loss

Gentle yoga helps you to burn lesser calories but it is also a great way to nurture your body. The following are some gentle yoga for weight loss.

  1. Hatha yoga – Yes not all Hatha yoga classes are indeed gentle, but they are not as rigorous as Vinyasa yoga. A lot of yoga studios use the Hatha yoga classes for those who are interested in gentle yoga for weight loss.

  2. Integral yoga – Just as the name suggests, Integral yoga is all about integrating the mind and body. The goal of Integral yoga is to help you lead a happier life, both physically and psychologically. This is the best form of yoga for weight loss for those who feel disconnected from their bodies.

  3. Kripalu Yoga – This is a form of yoga that is popular for being open to accepting all forms of body types and yoga practices for weight loss. This is a customized yoga form for different body types. The tailored approach of Kripalu yoga has made it a preferred option for those who are nervous to attend group yoga sessions.

Source – Tintyoga

In Conclusion

When it comes to yoga for weight loss, remember that the yoga culture empowers kindness, confidence, support and self-acceptance. Yoga helps you with positive health habits and behaviors. Therefore, being a part of a supportive yoga community can create a meaningful difference in your weight loss journey. If you are starting to practice yoga for weight loss, try to find a yoga group that helps you improve your self-esteem and confidence. If you cannot find a yoga studio for weight loss, there are always online options like Instagram & YouTube.

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