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Top 10 Python Developer Skills for a Successful Career

Updated: May 30, 2023

You can’t argue with the fact that Python is one of the most widely used programming languages these days. There are a lot of Python developer skills you need to become a good python developer. Python offers a solid entry point for the developers even for the freshers. Because it is versatile and offers several benefits, Python is one of the most sought-after programming languages.

Did you know? Most of the developers use Python. However, you won’t become a good python developer simply by knowing the programming language. You will need to learn a lot more than just the programming language. In this blog today, we will share the details on the top 10 Python developer skills you need to know to become a good Python developer.

Source – Statista

Top 10 Python Developer Skills

As we mentioned earlier, Python is used in a wide array of domains like Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Applications and more. In this section, we shall cover the ten must-have skills of a Python developer. These skills will help you master the art of working with Python.

1. Expertise in Core Python

If you want to know how to get a job in Python as a fresher, you have to master the core concepts of the programming language. The Python career path includes the following foundational concepts:

  1. Data Structure

  2. Variables & Data Types

  3. File Handling

  4. Exception Handling

  5. Object-Oriented Programming

If you don’t know where to start, you can opt for a good Python developer course to grasp the fundamentals.

2. Python Frameworks

To become a Python software engineer, you have to be aware of Python frameworks. These are crucial to hone the Python developer skills because they help to speed the development process. There are a lot of Python frameworks including Flask, Django, Bottle, Web2Py and more. Once you get the hang of the frameworks, it simplifies the life of a Python developer.

3. Python Libraries

This is the most important part of Python developer skills. When it comes to Python developer jobs, the one advantage you will have is Python has the largest collection of libraries. Did you know? According to the Python Package Index, it has got 267 thousand projects. Therefore, chances are, whatever you are planning to create, is already created and readily available for use along with enough documentation. A smart Python software engineer should have the skills to study, find and implement the packages of the Python ecosystem.

4. Front-End Technical Knowledge

This is where you will get to know what a Python developer does. You will be mistaken if you think that a Python developer only works with the backend technologies. One of the most crucial Python developer skills is to work with front-end technologies. This is to make sure that the client side matches with the server side. In a corporate world, this would include the Project Managers, UI/UX Team and SCRUM Masters for better coordination of the workflow.

Source – Intellipaat

5. AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are booming lately. One of the main reasons for this is technological innovation and its implementation. Since ML & AI both are highly in demand, a Python developer must dive into the foundational concept and algorithms for a clear understanding. Knowledge in data science will also prove to be of critical value while working on projects where you have to deal with large amounts of data.

6. Deep Learning

When you have covered the fundamentals of AI and ML, the next step will be to know about Deep Learning. This is again a vital Python developer skill. Deep Learning is also a part of Machine Learning and is crucial for a Python developer roadmap. The best part of Deep Learning is the learning process is similar to those of human brains. Deep Learning includes semi-supervised, supervised and unsupervised learning. Once you figure out what Deep Learning is, you shall also be able to use your new skill to develop Deep Learning powered systems including:

  1. Natural Language Processing

  2. Recommendation Systems

  3. Image Recognition

  4. Image Restoration

  5. Automatic Speech Restoration & more

7. ORM Libraries

In a Python career path, ORMs also known as Object Relational Mappers are crucial. How? ORMs are a class of libraries that facilitate the transfer of data from a relational database to Python objects. Developers can use these libraries to make changes in the data stored within the database using Python instead of SQL. Some of the ORM libraries include Peewee ORM, SQLAlchemy, PonyORM, Django ORM and Tortoise ORM.

8. Version Control

Are you still curious about what a Python developer does? Know this! Any software project, whether it is Python or any other programming language, goes through a ton of changes and versions during the development phase. Version controlling helps in tracking the tiniest of changes with complete traceability. This becomes crucial when you are working in collaboration with other developers on a project. Therefore, if you want to have Python developer skills, you need to learn Version Control. A few top version control tools include Mercurial, Git, Apache Subversion and more.

Source – Edureka

9. Understanding the Multi-Process Architecture

This is again another crucial aspect of a Python developer’s career path. While developing a web app, the Python developer has to pick a development framework or architecture to separate the internal working of the application from the users. Modern-day developers will choose from using the Model View Template Architecture or Model View Controller Architecture. Arguably, this could be the work of a Design Engineer, but being a Python developer, you should be aware of how the code will work in the deployment or release environments.

10. Communication Skills

Finally, if you want to be a good developer, you need to have good communication skills. Therefore, as a part of the Python developer skills, you must add your communication skills. As a developer, you will collaborate with others and review code to stay on the same page. Moreover, clear communication with team members can solve a lot of problems and bring success to a company.

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