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Top 10 Best Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platforms in 2022

Updated: May 30, 2023

multivendor e-commerce marketplace platform is a solution that is designed to build an online marketplace where sellers can list/sell their products. A multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform includes all the basic e-commerce functions and the essential ingredients for managing marketplace operations.

With a multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform, it saves business owners a lot of time needed for web development. They can use the time in other much better ways like branding and marketing of the online marketplace.

When it comes to choosing the ecommerce multivendor marketplace platforms, there are different types of them. These include platforms like SaaS, and hosted & self-hosted multivendor marketplace platforms. In this blog today, we are going to share the top 10 ecommerce platforms for the multivendor marketplace and also how to build a successful multivendor marketplace.

What Caused the Growth of Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplaces?

In 2020, during the first phase of the pandemic, we witnessed a growth in e-commerce sales by nearly 44% – higher than in the last two decades. According to Deloitte Digital ecommerce platforms for multivendor marketplaces saw growth as a gross merchandise volume by 81% in the last quarter of 2020.

The Following Factors Led to the Growth of Multi-Vendor Marketplace

  1. The quick expansion of the network of online retailers to cater to the increasing demands amid the pandemic closures.

  2. The fast growth of online business listings like toilet paper and bread flour from the retailers who previously relied on the local foot traffic.

  3. With the dynamic seller base offering in-demand products/services to customers with very little risk, it has led to an increase in the number of e-commerce multi-vendor platforms.


There is no denying the fact that COVID-19 fuelled the digital revolution. Almost every retailer is seeking ways to sell its products online. The rise in demand for e-commerce has led budding business owners to opt for their online multivendor ecommerce marketplace. For instance, right from the start of 2020, we have seen more than 1150 new online marketplaces coming up across the globe.

Amid the high competition and more commission fees charged on e-commerce marketplaces like e-Bay or Amazon, the emergence of new marketplaces helped local sellers sustain their business and survive during the pandemic. Suppose you are planning to build sustainable multivendor ecommerce marketplace platforms like Etsy & Amazon. In that case, you need to choose reliable multi-vendor e-commerce platform software that meets your business needs.

Source – Euromonitor

Top 10 Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Platforms to Start an Online Marketplace

To help you in building a future-proof ecommerce platform for a multivendor marketplace, we have compiled a list of the top 10 multi-vendor e-commerce marketplaces. These platforms are designed to create an ecommerce marketplace. They are highly scalable and easy to customize.

1. Yo!Kart – A Self-Hosted Multivendor Ecommerce Platform

This is one of the best multivendor marketplace platforms that the industry has seen. This is a powerful self-hosted multivendor e-commerce marketplace platform for building online marketplaces in B2B, B2C and P2P industries. Yo!Kart was launched in 2015. The multi-vendor software is used by 2000+ businesses in 70+ countries. Yo!Kart has all the essential in-built features and powerful third-party integrations like ShipStation, TaxJar/AvalaraTranslator, MailChimp APIStripe Connect, MSN and more.

The Key features of Yo!Kart includes:

  1. Global product catalogue System

  2. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Compliance

  3. Order inventory management

  4. Multilingual and Multi-currency

  5. 20+ Payment methods (Payment gateways, Wallets, BOPIS)

  6. Also, you get stripe Connect for real-time split payment

  7. Abandoned Cart Management

  8. B2B eCommerce features

  9. PCI-DSS and GDPR compliant

  10. Lifetime license and source code ownership

  11. Up to 1-year free technical support

2. Yo!Rent – Multi-vendor E-Commerce Marketplace Software

This is another multivendor ecommerce platform software that is built with extreme precision to offer business owners the desired feature to launch versatile e-commerce businesses. When it comes to the best multivendor marketplace platform Yo!Rent should be your choice because it operates in more than 70 countries and has helped thousands of business owners to materialize their business ideas all around the world.

As one of the best ecommerce marketplace solution providers, the best thing about Yo!Rent is, it is fully scalable and comes with multi-currency and multilingual functionality. When it comes to scalability & growth accommodation, Yo!Rent has got unlimited listings, transactions and user profiles. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for supporting your online marketplace idea from the start-up to the enterprise level.

The key features of Yo!Rent includes:

  1. Inventory management to ensure real-time inventory automation

  2. Request for Quote (RFQ) management for price negotiation & deal with complex orders

  3. Order management for after-sales business process management

  4. Also, you shall have a product comparison for decision-making and enhancing customer experience

  5. Returns and cancellations management for a high customer satisfaction rate

  6. Discount coupon management for introducing new discounts and setting up a reward points system

Multi-vendor E-Commerce Marketplace Software

Source – GTM Plus

3. CS-Cart: Self-Hosted Multi-Vendor Software

This is one of the most used multivendor ecommerce marketplace platforms for building an online marketplace. The platform is self-hosted and it comes with a lot of essential e-commerce features right out of the box like the vendor pay-out system, multiple storefronts, advanced order management system, and more. Also, there is an app store where you will be able to find and integrate several add-ons like Facebook Conversion API, advanced Mailchimp, Live Currency Converter and more.

As one of the best ecommerce marketplace solution providers, the key features of CS-Cart multivendor ecommerce marketplace software include:

  1. Real-time shipping rate estimates

  2. Multi-store management

  3. Also, you get regular updates and enhancements

  4. Thus, you will have a secure self-hosted solution with GDPR compliance

  5. Configurable vendor monthly subscription plans

  6. Customizable vendor storefronts

  7. Advanced admin and seller panel

  8. 45 days of free technical support

4. Shuup: An Open Source Multivendor Ecommerce Platform

This is a fully customizable open-source multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform for starting an online marketplace. This platform is also built both for horizontal marketplaces like Amazon and vertical marketplaces like Airbnb. This e-commerce platform comes with features like data migration, tax management, cross-selling, inventory tracking system, order management and more. Also, another important factor of this platform is, it comes with a centralized dashboard for the admin to manage the product listings, the shipping methods, check sales reports and so much more.

Thus, being one of the best ecommerce marketplace solution providers, you cannot ignore the key features of Shuup Multi-Vendor Platform:

  1. Built-in layout editor to customize the feel and look of the marketplace

  2. Complete content management system (CMS)

  3. Fully responsive design for consistent user experience (UX) across all devices

  4. Also, it is easy to Customize as per business requirements

  5. Therefore, you get the freedom to personalize individual vendor storefronts

  6. Open-source API to integrate third-party payment processors freely

  7. Built-in Paypal and Stripe payment gateways

5. Sharetribe: The SaaS Multi-Vendor Software

This is a cloud-based multivendor ecommerce platform. It is also designed to build custom multi-vendor marketplaces with ease. It has a hosted marketplace solution with a subscription-based model for businesses to start a multi-vendor store.

Therefore, Sharetribe has two products – One is the Sharetribe Go and the other is the Sharetribe Flex. The latter allows businesses in building a custom online multivendor site with powerful APIs, the former is also a marketplace platform that delivers a scalable online multivendor site without coding.

Here are the key features of the Sharetribe multivendor site:

  1. In-built product catalogue management system

  2. Advanced payment system with support for over 25 currencies and 200+ countries

  3. Also, you get fully responsive to all devices and screen size

  4. A hosted solution to maintain and scale your e-commerce business

  5. Therefore, you can add, individual profiles for users (buyers and sellers)

  6. Social sign-up for users

  7. SEO tool to optimize your marketplace

  8. Powerful customization tools also help you to scale your business

Source – Grandview Research

6. Magento Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Solution by CedCommerce

Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace solution by CedCommerce is the one-stop solution for budding entrepreneurs. Also, it enables the vendors to come together on a common platform for marketing their products, manage orders from the dedicated dashboard, showcase their vendor profiles and check the sales reports.

Therefore, this multivendor marketplace solution for Magento offers a wide array of features. It transforms the Magento eCommerce website into a feature-rich multi-vendor store like eBay & Amazon. Thus, if you own Magento 2 stores, you can create an ecommerce marketplace tailor-made to your specific business needs.

The features of the CedCommerce Multi-Vendor Platform include:

  1. It helps with both online B2B & B2C marketplaces. Therefore, you can create an ecommerce marketplace with Magento 2 multivendor marketplace for B2B and B2C needs that enable businesses to be both customers & sellers.

  2. Since you can leverage mobile commerce, the Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace is mobile-friendly

  3. Also, you get local courier support – The Magento 2 marketplace is built to support well-known courier services like Aramex, FedEx, UPS and more

  4. You get a headless PWA marketplace

  5. It also supports multiple payment methods including the payment alternatives like Magento 2 marketplace that supports services like PayPal adaptive, PayPal marketplace, Stripe connect and more.

7. Growcer – A Self-Hosted Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

Growcer is an on-demand multi-vendor platform for starting a hyperlocal marketplace. Since this is a readymade multi-vendor eCommerce solution it offers all essential e-commerce features like a product catalogue system, tax management, commission management, click & collect, order tracking, PWA and more. Growcer is a highly scalable and customizable solution for starting an e-pharmacy, dairy products, liquor, board games, pet food and a wide array of other hyperlocal online marketplaces.

Here are the key features of Growcer multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform:

  1. Readymade buyer & delivery apps

  2. You also get a customizable platform to build a personalized grocery marketplace

  3. Therefore, you will have personalized individual vendor storefronts

  4. Separate dashboards for sellers & admin

  5. Full-fledged in-built CMS

  6. Multiple revenue models for the admin

  7. Streamlined delivery management system

  8. Also, get free 12-months technical support and more

8. Kreezalid – SaaS Multi-Vendor Platform

This is a SaaS-based multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform for building a custom e-commerce marketplace. The solution is also integrated with powerful e-commerce features. Therefore, it enables business owners to quickly scale their online marketplace. Kreezalid is also intuitively designed and mobile-friendly. It also has a good collection of plugins to help you integrate new functionalities streamlining the complete marketplace operations.

Here are the key features of the Kreezalid multi-vendor platform:

  1. Since Kreezalid is an official partner of Mangopay & Stripe Connect, you get two -inbuilt payment gateway integrations

  2. It also offers streamlined tax management and shipping module management

  3. You also get an app store for finding and adding new features, plugins and services to the marketplace

  4. There are in-built SEO & digital marketing tools for increasing search engine visibility

  5. You can also get Kreezalid in Spanish, English, French and Danish

  6. There are in-built modules for better user management and listing management

  7. Also, it comes with an in-built analytics system and quick access to Google Analytics

Source – STF Research & Analysis

9. Arcadier – SaaS Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

Arcadier is a SaaS-based e-commerce multi-vendor platform. The Solution comes with APIs that allow businesses to achieve more. It is also very well-designed and refined. The recurring payment cycle tenure is customizable according to suitability. The solution comes with a plugin library for integrating new functionalities.

The main features of the Arcadier multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform include:

  1. Third-party integrations

  2. Private marketplace to set approval for sellers or buyers

  3. Custom JavaScript code enabled

  4. You also get in-built analytics support

  5. Mobile responsive design

  6. Get custom domain

  7. Also, there is an in-built module for user management and listing management

10. X-Cart Marketplace – A Self-Hosted Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

This one is a self-hosted multi-vendor platform which is also open-source. Just like Magento that brings some benefits and also some complexities to the table. This solution is customizable and businesses can tailor the launch. The solution fits the bill for a business and it is a good long-term choice.

The main features of X-Cart Marketplace:

  1. Responsive design – you can access the website on multiple screen sizes

  2. You can also offer digital products along with physical products

  3. It is customizable with better integration support

  4. You also get options for cloud search

  5. Real-time shipping prices

  6. Marketing Features

Some Final Words

There is no denying the fact that online marketplaces have transformed the way of e-commerce. They could be worth as much as $7 trillion in sales by 2024. Moreover, a multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform is a one-stop solution for creating an online marketplace. Here, the customers find an extensive range of products, of varying niches. Therefore, grocery and healthcare marketplaces have emerged to be quite popular during the pandemic. Multivendor ecommerce marketplaces enable sellers to sell a wide array of products at competitive processes. The most important factor is, it enables businesses to reach a larger audience.

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