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Top 10 Astonishing Daily Yoga Benefits – A Beginner’s Guide

Did you know? The global yoga market is predicted to grow by $66.2bn by 2027. We all have heard so many things about yoga. Multiple online sources will tell you about the daily yoga benefits and how it can help us eliminate various physical and psychological issues. However, do we know where did yoga originate? I am pretty sure that we don’t know it. Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago.

A lot of countries copied the yoga practice from us Indians. You shall find the first mention of yoga in the Rig Vedas and the language of yoga in Sanskrit. This is again the root of many Indian languages and the oldest one in the world. Now that we have shared the details on where yoga originated let us focus on the daily yoga benefits.

The Top 7 Daily Yoga Benefits for Your Body

The first thing you need to know about what yoga does for your body is that it offers mental and physical fitness for people of all ages. If you are going through an illness, surgery, or chronic pain, you can be a major part of your treatment. Here are the top 7 daily yoga benefits for your body.

1. You Increases Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Slow movements and deep breathing exercises through yoga help to increase the blood flow. This also warms up the muscles and holding a pose for some time builds strength in the body. Yoga is not just about bending and stretching your body. To stay healthy, you need to have the physical strength to endure, prevent injury, and enhance your immunity and metabolism. So yes, yoga is strength training as well.

The best example is the Tree Pose. This yoga is strength training. First, you must balance on one foot and hold the other foot to your calf above the knee at the right angle. Now, focus on one spot before you and balance for a minute.

2. Daily Yoga Helps with Back Pain Relief

This is one of the most important daily yoga benefits. Daily yoga increases mobility and helps people with lower back pain. According to the American College of Physicians, yoga is the first-line treatment for chronic lower back pain.

If you are curious about what yoga does to your body to relieve back pain, then you must try the Cat-Cow Pose. This is where you must get on all four limbs. Place the palms underneath the shoulders; your knees must be underneath the hips. The first step is to inhale and let your stomach drop down towards the floor. The next step is to exhale and draw the navel towards your spine. This will arch your spine like a cat stretching.

3. Yoga Eases Arthritis Symptoms

Are you still thinking about why yoga is good for you? This is yet another daily yoga benefit, especially for aged people. Doing gentle yoga daily will ease discomfort in tender and swollen joints for people with arthritis.

4. Daily Yoga Improves Heart Health

Regular yoga practice reduces the levels of stress in our bodies and also eliminates body-wide inflammation. Thus, you will have healthier hearts. A lot of factors can cause heart health. These include high blood pressure and additional weight. All of these can be eliminated through daily yoga. So, if you think about why yoga is good for you, this is one of the most critical factors you need to know.

daily yoga benefits

Source – Harvard Health Publications

5. Yoga Helps You Relax and Helps You to Sleep better

You can have a healthy mind and a sound body with a consistent bedtime routine. One essential daily yoga benefit is preparing your body to get fast and stay asleep. Having a sound sleep is excellent for people of all ages. If you doubt whether yoga is good for you or not, then you need to consider this factor.

For a sound sleep, you can practice the “legs-up-the-wall” pose. To do this, you must sit with your left side against the wall, and they gently turn right. Then you have to lift your legs in a way that rests against the wall. Finally, keep your back on the floor and sit your bones close to the border. Stay in this position for 5 to 15 minutes.

6. Yoga Helps You to Manage Stress

According to the National Institute of Health, yoga helps with stress management, mindfulness, healthy eating, mental health, healthy eating, quality sleep and weight loss. For example, you can try out the Corpse Pose – also known as Savasana. Lie down with the limbs gently stretched out, get your limbs away from the body, and keep your palms face up. Clear your mind while breathing deeply. Hold this pose for 5 to 15 minutes.

7. Yoga Helps You to have Higher Energy and Better Moods

You can feel higher physical and mental energy, increased alertness, enthusiasm, and lesser negative feelings when you get into a daily routine of practising yoga. Thus, if you doubt that yoga is good for strength training, you must try daily yoga to experience high strength in your body.

8. Yoga Increases the Immunity of the Body

Did you know? Any form of movement is excellent for keeping the immune system healthy. When you do yoga daily, you twist, bend, and invert your body differently. This helps the body to spend more time with the parasympathetic nervous system (which enables rest & digestion) because yoga calms our body. And lesser time is spent with the sympathetic nervous system (which causes Stress and inflammation). Thus, the whole sequence of yoga brings a balance to the endocrine system and improves the defence mechanism.

9. Yoga Helps to Increase Focus

This is yet another crucial daily yoga benefit. With daily yoga, your mind will be clutter-free. Therefore, it will be easy for you to redirect the energy to where you want it to go. In yoga, it is said that you develop a focused concentration through regular practice. Yoga trains the mind to be more aware and patient. After a yoga session, you shall be able to focus your mental resources much better, process the information much more accurately and learn to uphold pieces of information much more effectively. So, if you think about what yoga does to your body, think again. Because it not only offers you physical benefits but also offers psychological benefits as well.

10. Yoga Soothes Your Skin

Undoubtedly, our skin is the first part of our body to display. Therefore, whenever there are signs of Stress, anxiety and nutrition deficiency, our skin shows them. The daily yoga benefits include smooth skin. In addition, the body receives better circulation when you practice a more calming aspect of daily yoga-like meditation and pranayama, along with active yoga. This reduces anxiety levels. The reduced anxiety levels can help in reducing conditions like eczema and acne.

Does Yoga Burn Calories?

Did you know that a yoga session can burn 180 to 460 calories? These include the type of yoga you are doing, the length and intensity of the class, and whether you are female or male. For instance, a 160-pound person needs to burn 183 calories. This is one of the best daily yoga benefits.

One thing you need to know about yoga is that the main benefit of yoga is not to burn calories. However, you shall burn calories during yoga classes. For instance, the number of calories burned during Hatha Yoga will vary from the number of calories burned during Bikram Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the basic style of yoga and is usually taught at a slower pace. On the other hand, Bikram Yoga is also known as hot yoga because it is fast paced.

Thus, how many calories you will burn through daily yoga classes will depend on the style of Yoga, the course level, the pace and intensity of the class and the length of the class. Therefore, the simple answer to the question, does yoga burn calories is YES, it does!

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

You can achieve weight loss by burning calories or rigorous physical activities or by consuming fewer calories daily—most of the people that lose weight use both methods. A lot of activities can burn more calories than yoga. However, daily yoga benefits are diverse. With daily yoga, you can attain a sustained and healthy weight loss. So, the question is, can you lose weight with daily yoga?

Yes, you can. How? If you opt for a more active form of daily yoga, then yoga can become a functional tool for weight loss. Also, you shall find that the awareness you gain through daily yoga practice is highly relaxing. It reduces Stress. This is one of the most critical factors in losing weight. Many yoga experts agree daily yoga is an excellent tool for losing weight.


In Conclusion

Daily yoga is a life-long lesson. Everyone can reap the daily yoga benefits regardless of age or gender. This blog has compiled the top 10 benefits of daily yoga. So, you can practice yoga every day, whether you are a baby or a baby-boomer, a great grandma, or a grumpy teenager. The only crucial factor is to find which type of yoga suits your body and, more importantly, “listen” to what your body says and act accordingly.

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