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The Top 5 Dating Apps like Tinder You Shall Find Online

The way we find our partners have changed a lot these days. Dating app development companies have a vital role to play. There is no doubt that Tinder is one of the most preferred dating apps of the present day. However, there are a lot of other free dating apps like Tinder that are getting attention. But before we get into the details of the best dating apps in 2022 and the competitors of Tinder, let us share some crucial stats about dating apps.

Some Crucial Stats about Dating Apps

As we mentioned earlier that modern technologies have changed the dating landscape. Therefore, online dating is no longer considered taboo. Don’t believe us? Here are some online dating stats that will change your mind. 

  1. Did you know? 27% of the committed relationships start online

  2. 40 million people are using dating apps globally.

  3. The annual revenue of all dating apps is estimated at $2 billion.

  4. Tinder has got more than 50 million users all over the globe.

  5. The value of Tinder is estimated at $1.6bn

dating apps like tinder

Source: Survey Monkey Intelligence

Why Have So Many Dating Apps Become like Tinder?

The dating app market is expanding and the demands of the users are changing. Similarly, the demands of dating app users are changing consistently. Thus, it is the right time for free dating apps like Tinder to flourish. In this case, the apps must focus on the most-liked features of Tinder and create new features of their own to make the dating apps more interesting. Thus, let us share some of the main features of Tinder as a dating app.

1. The Gaming Spirit and the Swiping Features

The secret weapon of Tinder is the swiping feature and the gaming spirit. For instance, when you like someone, you will swipe right and when you don’t you swipe left. You can easily log in through social networks. The users can log in through their Instagram and Facebook profiles. With social media authentication, Tinder is highly trustworthy. 

2. Geolocation

This is yet another feature that users can use to locate social spots, bars, coffee shops and more. Other people that have visited the place will be notified about the place only after the app users leave the area. Also, with the geo-location feature, Tinder helps you to find interest-based matches. This is how the app improves services.

3. Matching Algorithm

With this feature, this app compare’s the new user’s profile with other profiles in the database and only then it suggests relevant matches.

4. Profile Setting

Tinder users can use this option to set up their profiles and make the profiles much more attractive and trustworthy.

5. Push Notifications

If you have to create free dating apps like Tinder, you cannot ignore the push notification feature. It is a crucial feature because it engages people when the algorithm finds the right match, and the user gets a push notification.

6. Private Chat

When there is a match in Tinder, the users shall get a built-in chat and messaging option. For other dating apps like Tinder, this is a must-have option because if a dating app has an in-built chat feature; it helps to connect more people within the app. 

Therefore, if you want to create a dating app like Tinder, you have to add these features to your app. Tinder uses the above features to improve its services. For instance, the app removes any movie halls from the social spots list when a lot of users delete them from the list. That’s how the algorithm of Tinder works. 

dating app development

Source – AppDukan

Factors to Remember while Creating Other Dating Apps like Tinder

If you want to turn your dating app idea into a reality, here are the following factors to remember during the development of the app.

1. Find the Niche

Figure out your niche. This is the first step to creating a dating app like Tinder. There are a lot of other dating apps like Tinder. Therefore, you have to be ready to face intense competition. However, you can still stand out from the crowd if you know your niche. Here are some cool niches to choose from:

1. Food Preferences

A lot of people are choosy about their food. These include gluten-free people, vegetarians, and vegans. However, it is tough for them to meet a soul that can match their food preferences. Therefore, you can create a dating app like Tinder on similar diet choices.

2. Lifestyle Preferences

All of us are different and we have different choices. Some of us prefer bigger cities while others might prefer the countryside. Therefore, a shared lifestyle is a major criterion for people to start their relationship. If you think about creating dating apps like Tinder or Tinder type apps, you must check the Equestrian Cupid App. This is a dating website that is developed by the country of horse lovers. What’s the best thing about this app? It gained millions of people that didn’t like busy cities and had a dream to live in the countryside. Even if the user doesn’t own a horse, they can still join and be a part of a community. 

3. Favourite Pets

This is yet another niche to consider while creating dating apps like Tinder. There are some of us that like dogs, while some of us like cats. Thus, you can select the base of the dating app on the common preferences of pets. While creating a dating app like Tinder, you should check Purrsonals. It is a dating app/website that brings cat lovers together. People can connect while discussing pets. 

How to Create Dating Apps like Tinder or Tinder Type Apps?

Now that you know about the factors that you can add while creating dating apps like Tinder, here is what you can do. 

1. Choosing a Specific Business Model

There are different business models that Tinder and other dating websites use to make money. They are:

A Premium Business Model: This is such a model where the users will have a set of free features. However, they will need a premium version to get the advanced features. The advanced features include:

  1. A Boosting Profile: This is a profile where the user has to pay a fixed amount so that their profile is viewed as the first of the search results.

  2. Advanced Swipe: A machine learning algorithm powers this feature. This changes the way a user sees photos. The smart algorithm will adjust the user photos depending on the interests of other users. Therefore the owner of a premium account will get a higher chance to get matched.

  3. Unlimited Likes: A free user will have limited likes and swipes while a premium user of Tinder will get unlimited likes and swipes.

  4. In-App Purchases – The app users can receive and give out gifts to each other. To do this, you have to add paid gifts like flowers, greetings, kisses and more such gifts. If you want to create a dating app like Tinder, you should think about adding this feature.

  5. Ads: A lot of dating apps like Tinder or Tinder-type apps use this as a monetization strategy. You charge other businesses to run ads on your website. These are the cost-per-click or cost-per-mile models. 

2. Choosing the Tech-Stack to Develop Tinder-like Dating Apps

You must have the right technologies that will power hookup sites like Tinder. The main factor here is the scaling feature. Why does it matter? Since the launch of the app, Tinder developers used NoSQL and MongoDB to connect people. However, when the app started becoming popular and got the necessary momentum, it was hard for the developer team to maintain the MongoDB database performance. Therefore, the team needed to shift to Amazon Web Services hosting. Here is a checklist of the technology stack that you shall need. 

Dating Apps

Source – The App Solutions

Are there any Free Dating Apps like Tinder? The Top 5 Tinder Alternatives in 2022

Yes, there are free hookup sites like Tinder. If you are thinking to create dating apps like Tinder, here are some competitive alternatives to the Tinder app. 

This is a popular online Tinder alternative. Based in the USA, this Tinder alternative offers you much more than just a “photo”. This matchmaking app has created a “personality quiz” that includes questions helping the app filter to match options. Apart from that, this online Tinder alternative offers users to show themselves in a much better way than just a picture. The user interface is pretty simple. Thus, it is easier for the users to access than the Tinder app. You shall get the option for mutual swipe and match with singles of the same passion and interest.

This is yet another example of a great online Tinder alternative. This is even better than Tinder, especially for the specific age group of 30-55 years. It is an Australia-based dating platform curated for highly educated singles that are looking for long-term relationships. This app also includes a personality test. If you are serious about having a long-term relationship. The app includes ice-breaking conversational questions and matches depending on individual preferences and you will get compatible matches daily.

3. Happn

Happn has introduced the concept of “cross-path dating”. This is a new concept in the category of dating apps like Tinder. This dating app offers integrated social media along with the location of the user that shows the potential matches within the vicinity. If a member of Happn crosses paths with another member in real life, the profile shows in their timeline. The app will also show the number of times a user has crossed paths with another Happn user. Considering the functionality, it is quite similar to the Tinder app. It is a great alternative to Tinder because more than 70 million users are using the dating app. 

4. Badoo

This is a dating-focused social network app developed by the Russian Entrepreneur Andrey Andreev. It is a great alternative to Tinder because it shows celebrity lookalike matches. Thus, even if you don’t get the chance to date Jennifer Lopez or Tom Cruise, the app will find you a celebrity lookalike that you have a crush on. Along with that, it also includes real-time coordinated dating through video chat features and searches for people throughout the globe.

5. Skout

This is yet another great alternative to Tinder that is focused on friendship instead of just dating. Any user will be able to date a person near them or someone who resides in another country or even another continent. The app is similar to Tinder. However, the difference is that it wants the users to focus more on value-based relationships instead of just random dates. You can check out other people’s streams, get updates from nearby users and also promote your profile with in-app users.

In Conclusion

There is no denying the fact that dating app development is one of the most highly profitable investments. However, if you want to create a dating app like Tinder, the app development company should go through a complicated process which needs financial resources and quite a significant amount of experience from the mobile development team. This blog shares the complete guide on creating dating apps like Tinder and also the top 5 alternatives of Tinder. These are some of the best dating apps in 2022. We hope this guide helps you in understanding how to create a better version of Tinder. 

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