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How to Become an Interior Designer

Are careers in interior designing lucrative? The need for interior designers is at an all-time high because Indian urbanites are spending more money on a high-quality lifestyle and traveling to exotic locations more frequently. On the other hand, the per capita land usage is falling daily due to increasing population and a paradigm shift in family forms, from joint to nuclear households.

Utilizing the limited space effectively and efficiently is, therefore, not only a choice but also something people require. With all these advancements, the interior designer career is becoming a lucrative choice for those with a creative mindset.

A Dive Into Careers In Interior Designing

Careers in interior design frequently appeal to detail-oriented creative thinkers who appreciate creating original solutions to real-world problems. However, strong aesthetic, interpersonal, and visualization abilities are also essential qualities for careers in interior designing.

The interior design industry is booming and will keep expanding. Furthermore, a successful job requires formal education, training, discipline, tenacity, and excellent business and marketing skills. If you are thinking about an interior designer career, you should be passionate about the field. As you will need to put in a lot of effort and complete the necessary interior designing coursework to earn a degree. In return, it’s a prosperous career that will be very rewarding.

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What Are Home Design Careers Like?

A home designer is an architect who specializes in creating single or multi-family homes with light-frame construction. In some circumstances, an interior designer career may also include developing other light-frame commercial buildings, agricultural structures, or even decorative facades for larger structures. While an architect is concerned with creating secure constructions that won’t collapse, it’s rewarding to pursue certification as a professional house designer for home design careers. As a result, you might be of great assistance to those who are unfamiliar with the construction and home remodeling industries as a building designer.

Is interior design a good career?

Here are a few well-liked and sought-after jobs in interior design positions:

  1. Interior Decorator

An interior designer career includes planning the aesthetics and spatial layouts of the project. For example, an interior decorator provides suggestions to clients for decorating their residential or office spaces, recommending color schemes, wall designs, furniture, and lighting installations.

  1. Color Analyst

To satisfy the client’s aesthetic needs, the job of a color consultant or specialist calls for innovative planning and a profound knowledge of color psychology.

  1. Production Designer

Since they design sets for movies, dramas, and videos, production designers are essential to film and video production. Before filming starts, production designers must plan and finish the set based on the imaginative script and direction.

  1. Corporate Interior Designer

For workplaces and offices, corporate designers create aesthetically pleasing and brand-conscious interiors. So it is to boost employee productivity, corporate designers construct practical, secure, effective, and ergonomic workplaces.

  1. Retail Interior Designer

A retail interior designer career involves carrying out interior store designs in commercial buildings, including malls, restaurants, and other shopping areas.

  1. Lighting Designer

With appropriate and efficient lighting systems, lighting designers can change the atmosphere of any area, including an office, exhibition, retail, house, or functional venue.

  1. Kitchen & Bath Designer

Designing beautiful kitchens and bathing areas is their area of expertise. While it is to build a space that meets the needs of homeowners, interior designer career requires extensive knowledge in different things. For example, cabinetry, electrical solutions, fixtures, appliances, lighting, plumbing, and color schemes.

Source - Open Colleges

What Are The Interior Design Job Positions?

It’s crucial to understand the interior design job positions and the pay you can anticipate earning whether you’re planning to start your first design employment or change careers. Thus, here are some of the typical interior design positions available.

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Executive- CEO, Founder, Owner/Co-owner, Partner, Principal, Studio Principal

As the company’s top executive, your duties as a designer include creating and communicating the company’s design vision, supervising projects, and project on-time delivery. So, it involves the planning stage through the design, construction, and installation phases, managing all financial aspects like budgeting, invoicing, purchasing, and proposals. Furthermore, the job may also involve bringing in new business, interacting with clients, and hiring and firing employees.

Director- Creative Director, Managing Director, Design Director, Junior Principal, Junior Partner, Studio Director

An interior designer career with director positions is directing design tasks within the organization. Additionally, it involves making important project decisions based on their knowledge of the industry and practical expertise.

Senior Designer- Senior Designer, Senior Interior Designer, Senior Project Designer, Senior Interior Architect, Senior Architect, Studio Manager

All project deliverables and project schedule maintenance are under the purview of senior designers and architects. Furthermore, they oversee all technical aspects of a project and conceptualize, plan, and carry out projects.

Project Manager- Project Manager, Planner, Strategist

To complete the project on schedule and under budget, PMs must work with design team members to develop a thorough project plan. Hence, an interior designer career includes learning & presenting technical models and time and material estimates.

Designer- Designer, Architect, Project Designer, Interior Architect

Architects and designers following an interior designer career need to be skilled in managing projects from beginning to end. The also need keeping track of progress, working with a team, consulting with clients, and completing projects on time and within budget.

Junior Designer- Junior Designer, Intern Interior Designer, Interior Design Assistant, Intern Architect, Architectural Assistant, Architectural Designer, Junior Architect, Intern

A junior architect or interior designer must work with senior design team members to establish project goals, assist with design concepts, and communicate with clients. Furthermore, it falls under their responsibility to ensure that client needs are satisfied promptly.

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What Are The Interior Design Job Titles?

The job titles in the interior design field are mentioned alongside the corresponding job positions in the previous section. However, in addition to those, a few more interior design job titles often found being used in the job market are:

Visual Merchandiser – 

A visual merchandiser is an expert in creating and presenting visual concepts for projects.

Interior Documentor –

The documentation of interior spaces, including floor plans and finish choices, is the responsibility of interior documentors.

Space Planner – 

A space planner in an interior designer career must determine the utility of space. Throughout a design project, they also supervise the creation of new spaces and evaluate data regarding the information of existing spaces.

Interior Design Career Opportunities At Present And In Future

Offices and households will always require people with interior designer career as businesses grow and families split up into nuclear units. Additionally, as time goes on, visually showing ourselves to our clients and guests becomes more crucial. Who better to provide us with the newest and greatest design ideas than an interior designer?

The country’s rapid urbanization is creating various interior design career opportunities, including designing hotels, homes, and corporate buildings. Hence, interior design will most likely continue to be a leader among the top design fields now in demand.

Most Popular Interior Design Career Options

In the twenty-first century, property owners, particularly homes and offices, put additional emphasis on space aesthetics to provide a calm and serene atmosphere that promotes productivity. A professional who is into interior designer career can completely change the appearance of a piece of property while considering aesthetics with creativity and understanding how to utilize the space available. Thus, demand for civil engineers, architects, and interior designers has increased significantly in India due to expanding infrastructure brought on by urbanization. As a result, professionals in interior design who have the necessary training and experience can choose to advance in their careers in the methods listed below:

  1. Work as a Professional

  2. Freelancing

  3. Start Your Own Business

How Is The Interior Design Job Market In India?

Great opportunities are opening up for interior designers as the sector expands. The interior designer career is in higher demand due to the growth in new development. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to continue working there, no matter the setting—a business organization, a restaurant, or a home. Interior designers are in high demand; hence their pay is likewise higher. The planning, designing, and management of projects are all handled by businesses in the interior design sector. Also, people who choose an interior designer career take into account all the projects they are working on in relation to the necessary building standards and health and safety requirements. And since, no one is going to start living in the wild, there will always be a need for interior designers.

Source - Open Colleges


What Degree Is Best For Interior Design?

Candidates need at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered for most interior design positions. While you can expand your knowledge and talents by earning additional certificates courses, you may also take advanced degrees. Expect to study interior design regardless of the major you select for interior design. Additionally, you’ll learn CAD and numerous art courses, including drafting and drawing.

Is Interior Designing A Good Career?

Certainly, interior designer career i an excellent choice, especially if you want to use your creativity in the most straightforward ways possible. It offers incredible job satisfaction while enabling one to utilize innate abilities. Additionally, gaining a degree in interior design is fast, and there are fascinating work options.

What Is The Highest Paying Job In Interior Design?

In India, an interior designer career can help you earn up to and beyond 1.8L net per month in pay. Furthermore, senior architects typically earn the highest incomes.

How Do I Start A Career In Interior Design?

The ability to sketch and draw well are prerequisites for a interior designer career, as are a strong portfolio and an interior design degree from a reputable university. Alternatively, one can enroll in a general BDes program at a reputed college before continuing to a postgraduate interior design program.

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

Interior designers strive to suit each customer’s unique requirements while also creating appealing, practical, and secure workplaces. Interior designers may create a wide range of settings, from living rooms that are beautiful yet useful to offices that people desire and want to work in. Meanwhile, people in interior designer career do this by using furniture placement, color palettes, decorations, and functional decor.

Some Final Words 

So, here is everything you ought to know about interior designer career. There is no doubt that an interior designer career is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. Also, the trend to choose interior designer jobs will keep increasing. Thus, if you have an interest in this career, rest assured that you shall have a flourishing career ahead.

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