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Google Fixes Overheating & Battery Draining Issues on Pixel Phones

Updated: May 25, 2023

Google is presently deploying a patch to address the energy drain and overheating issues that some users, particularly those using Google Pixel smartphones, have observed.

Google Pixel Phones

A Few Pointers on the Overheating and Battery Draining Issue on Google Pixel Phones

  • Reddit members, the majority of whom were using Google Pixel phones from the current and earlier generations, brought attention to the problem.

  • The Google app, which had extremely high background consumption in the battery data, appeared to be the issue. Rollback and reset attempts were unsuccessful.

  • Because of a backend upgrade to the app, Google also determined that the Google app was the main contributor to the problem. The current patch resolves this specific problem.

  • Google's language gives the impression that all Android devices, not only the Google Pixel phone models, were impacted by this problem.

As of right now, it appears that the problems have been rectified, so if you were a victim, you may rest easy.

How to Prevent Your Google Pixel Phone from getting Overheated?

  • Keep your phone out of direct sunlight to help prevent it from becoming overheated.

  • Your phone may display a warning and shut off if the temperature rises.

  • To protect both you and your phone, the phone switches off.

  • Allow your phone to cool off before restarting it if it shuts off.

You shouldn't be too alarmed if your Google Pixel phone occasionally feels warm. Your Google Pixel phone might get warm when you:

  • Play games, films, or other types of media.

  • Call someone on video.

  • Capture videos in high definition.

  • Join an open Wi-Fi network.

  • Use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot or tether it.

  • Utilize a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to download or upload large amounts of data.

While your phone charges, if you perform any of the aforementioned tasks, it senses that it is getting too hot and it may start to limit some functions. Therefore, your phone could

  • Reduce speed

  • gradual charging

  • Turn off the flash on your camera.

  • Stop using your camera.

  • Turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi, including 5G, in part or completely.

Stop using features or programs that consume a lot of your phone's resources to prevent it from overheating. When your phone has cooled down, you can restart them.

Google Pixel Smartphones

How to Stop Your Google Pixel Phone from Overheating?

  • While your phone is charging, use functions or applications that consume a lot of resources.

  • Keep your Google Pixel phone out of confined or inadequately ventilated spaces.

  • Dim the brightness of your phone's screen. Open the Settings app on your phone. Then select Display, followed by Brightness level.

  • Use only covers or cases designed specifically for your phone.

  • If at all possible, switch to Wi-Fi from mobile data.

Actions to Take if Your Phone Becomes Too Hot

If your phone becomes very warm, unplug it from the power source if it is connected, relocate it to a cooler area, and refrain from using it until it has cooled down. You can contact Google if the overheating is still not resolved with the above-mentioned tips. However, you can rest assured that the update/patch that Google is going to deploy will stop all overheating and battery-draining issues in the Google Pixel phones.

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