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Eight Types Of Design Jobs With A Bright Future

“Design” is an art that enhances the attractiveness of a product. Without appropriate design in today’s world a commercial product is incomplete and ineligible for sales.

According to the International Council Of Societies Of Industrial Design, “Design is a creative activity, whose aim is to establish the multi-faceted qualities of objects, processes, services and their systems in whole life-cycles”.

Designing is completely a field that is highly dynamic in nature. In order to flourish in such a career, a designer must bring up new ideas depending on the current market trend. However, designers must not get mixed with the crowd in order to create or produce something unique.

7 Steps To Follow Before Implementing Creativity In Design

  1. Try to understand the nature of the audience.

  2. Focus on the type or field of design you want to operate.

  3. Identify golden opportunities to implement design solutions.

  4. Communicate with senior expert designers.

  5. Set a target of producing or creating something unique.

  6. Gather ideas from other designers but do not imitate them.

  7. Whatever design it may be, must visually communicate the correct message to an audience.

Design Jobs Available In The Market For People With Creative Ideas

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers study the latest fashion trends from magazines, social media and by observing fashion shows. Actually, in this particular field designer, design new clothing and accessories. In today’s stylish world, there is a high demand for fashion designers. Proving this type of job, to be a great career option in future. Genuine skills required for being a fashion designer are sketching ability, customer contact, merchandising, product design and development. It includes software like Adobe Creative Suite.

Interior Designer

Interior designers make interior spaces look attractive and beautiful for almost every type of building or flat. They make indoor spaces functional, safe and attractive. By selecting necessary decorative items and deciding space requirements. Their job’s core part involves a determination of wall colours, lighting and vital materials. Essential skills required for being an interior designer are budgeting, space determining ability, project management and customer service. It includes the use of Computer-Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) software.

Multimedia Artist & Animator

This profession’s job involve creating animations, cartoons, special effects for movies, television and video games. They also involve creating other types of media, inclusive of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. To flourish in this type of job, an animator must cooperate with teams of animators and artists. To bring ideas to life utilizing computer software. This job requires vast knowledge in 3D modelling and motion graphics.

Graphic Designer

One of the most common designing jobs out there is of a graphic designer. These types of designers basically create designs for product illustrations, brand identities, websites and marketing purposes. They mostly utilize computer software like the Adobe Creative Suite. The most important to success in this type of job is by combining technical knowledge with artistic ideas. To create a design desirable to the audience.

User Experience(UX) Designer

UX designer’s job is purely a tech-savvy job. Which involves creating websites, mobile applications, software and video games. In this kind of job, the designer is used to create products that provide meaningful and helpful experiences to users. Including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. For example, e-commerce websites.

User Interface(UI) designer

This job can also be called the cousin of user experience design. This job focuses on creating or improving existing interfaces. Basically, UI designers need a mixture of designing ability, psychology and development know-how. To flourish successfully in future. It specifically includes knowledge in JavaScript.

Character Designer

In a character designer’s job, a designer is free to create or give life to a fictional individual character through visualisation. Along with a particular nature of behaviour and unique style. For example, the jolly girl of Amul Brand and athlete rabbit of Duracell Battery Brand. This job may involve little interference from a director who provides the work descriptions. At last, it is the independence of the designer himself who gives birth to a new brand character. To convey the brand’s message in a fruitful manner to gain public confidence. More public confidence equals to more profits.

Textile Designer

Textile Designers create patterns, formats and prints in fabrics. For domestic and household products like furniture, bedsheets, shawls and towels. In this job, designers generate design ideas from current market trends, clients’ instructions and other materials available. Numerous textile design jobs are available in the textile industry.


This blog is particularly useful for readers, who are involved in the field of design. It also helps aspiring future designers to prepare themselves for a long journey in designing careers. There is a rumor around, that design is only confined to mere art and craft. However, in reality, designing is a type of innovation that aims at creating something unique for a vast audience.

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