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Career Opportunities as a Python Developer

Python developer particularly refers to a software engineer who utilizes Python as a programming language or code to create and produce computer programs. Python was created by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer in 1989. First released on February 20, 1991.

Python refers to a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted programming language with easy syntax and dynamic semantics. Thus, Python is the language preferred by both beginners and pros as it is easy and an Open-Source language. Which makes it free for everyone to use and handle.

Python is used for constructing data analysis solutions, high-end computational tasks and developing crucial programming. It can also be utilized for desktop, web and mobile application development. This blog serves as an aid for people planning to choose Python as a career option and also benefits our readers who are already involved in the study or field of Python. To explore more continue reading.

Benefits Of Python

  1. Easy and simple to read, learn and write.

  2. Free and open-source

  3. Interpreted language

  4. Improved productivity

  5. Dynamically typed

  6. Vast libraries support

  7. Portability

So, if you are planning to learn Python then go for it without looking back anymore. Don’t think too much regarding its career and job opportunities. As Python has great scope and numerous job opportunities no doubt, Python is the best career option as it can prove to be an upcoming bright future. But to learn and gain more effective skills in Python. First, you need to enroll yourself in a reputed Python learning institute.

Top Five Python Training Institutes

  1. AnalytixLabs (Headquarter: Delhi)

  2. Edvancer (Headquarter: Mumbai)

  3. Imarticus Learning (Headquarter: Mumbai)

  4. Edureka (Headquarter: Bangalore)

  5. IMS Proschool (Headquarter: Mumbai)

Best Career Scopes In Python

After completing your Python course, you can try to obtain jobs in various fields. You can apply your Python skills in small, medium and large projects or companies. However, the best career options in Python are the following:

Python Developer

One of the most popular and direct jobs that someone can get who knows Python programming language. A Python developer can easily be expected to create websites, optimize data algorithms, solve data analytics problems and implement security and data protection. Python developers have the scope to work in various start-ups and big companies. With decent salary packages.

Product Manager

If you are searching for a job that requires communicating with users. While crunching data, then becoming a product manager is the best. Snapchat and Crunchbase are a few companies, hiring Product Managers nowadays. With efficient Python knowledge and skills.


Someone is required to teach Python, right? In order to produce future Python developers. Becoming a computer science instructor in an institute may be the first profession that comes to mind. However, it is not the only one. Other jobs are also available to a person skilled in Python. Almost every University, coding boot camp as well as online coding tutoring platforms like Coursera are in search of teachers who teach Python well.

Web Developer

You can use Python to develop great web apps with varying levels of complexity. There are numerous Python web frameworks available such as Pyramid, Django and Flask.

Game Programmer

A person well versed in Python programming language can easily make video games using the Python module “Pygame”. You can write the logic of a game in Python by using this module. PyGame applications can easily run on mobile devices like Android.

Data Journalist

Data journalism is a profession within journalism that utilises data to interpret stories. Journalists who are well versed in Python are in high demand. Due to their ability to rapidly sort through information and if you are a solid writer on top of that this is the most suitable job for you.

Machine Learning

As a well-known field of artificial intelligence, machine learning increases human capabilities. High-demand job roles in this growing technology involve Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Machine Learning Designer and more.

Data Analyst

Python is the primary language of choice for performing data science projects. It has gained huge popularity in this field because of its unparalleled libraries (For example NumPy and Pandas) support. The packages like Matplotlib and Seaborn provide ultimate data visualization.

Final Thoughts

Most successful IT Companies such as Google, Instagram and Netflix are using Python in today’s technological world. You can obtain various different jobs in many fields if you learn Python properly. You can select to become a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, or AI professional.

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