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A Checklist of Top 10 Indian Yoga Instructors on Instagram

If yoga is something you have always wanted to try, then today is the best day for it. Why? The only reason is, why would you want to wait for tomorrow? Getting healthy, staying fit and in shape – are some of the things that we all want, but somehow, due to some reasons, these are the only things we fail to achieve in life. Yes, the pandemic might indeed have pushed us to get in touch with yoga instructors on Instagram. However, thanks to the magic of the internet, there is a lot of information available. Since you are already here, we bet you know the benefits of daily yoga practice.

  1. Yoga helps you to reduce weight

  2. It increases flexibility

  3. Yoga helps to reduce weight

  4. Yoga keeps your metabolism in check

  5. Also, yoga helps to accelerate mental well-being and respiration.

That being said let us help you with the checklist of the top 15 yoga instructors on Instagram.

A Checklist of the Top 10 Best Yoga Instructors on Instagram

#1 Ishwari Patil

Ishwari Patil is a trained professional guardian health service athlete. When it comes to the best yoga influencers in India, you should check out the Instagram profile of Ishwari Patil. Her Instagram account is loaded with a wide array of asanas that will help you improve your health in multiple ways. Even if you are a beginner in the yoga journey, then too, you should follow her. Not only she is one of the best yoga instructors on Instagram, but she also motivates every individual to make the little changes every day that brings us body positivity.

Source – Instagram

#2 Sunaina Rekhi

Speaking of yoga influencers in India, if you want a celebrity who endorses a lot of brands to bring your faith back in yoga, then Sunaina Rekhi is just the one for you. Without any doubt, she is one of the best yoga instructors in India. It is clear from her Instagram profile. She has got clients like Anurag Kashyap. Sunaina Rekhi is also one of the top yoga instructors for celebrities in India.

Source – Instagram

#3 Anushka Parwani

When it comes to the yoga instructors on Instagram, you cannot miss out on Anushka Parwani. She is a Mumbai-based celebrity yoga expert. But the best part about her is, if you go through her Instagram profile, you shall get to know a lot about the different types of yoga poses that can help you with your health. She offers amazing yoga techniques for the core. If you practice yoga exercises daily, it will help you stabilize your core. She also encourages you to practice Pilates, which is also great to improve body posture and flexibility. Anushka Parwani not only follows traditional yoga techniques but also offers an insight into aerial yoga and aerial Pilates.

Source – Instagram

#4 Aishwarya Nigam

Are you unsure about how your joints will react to the different yoga poses? Are you worried about the back pain that might come after trying the different daily yoga exercises? Worry no more, because this “Yogini” can help you with all of the above issues. Aishwarya Nigam is not just a yoga instructor to follow on Instagram but she is also a professional physiotherapist. Thus, you can trust her skills in amalgamation. They are the best!

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Source – Instagram

#5 Radhika Bose

Radhika Bose is not just another yoga influencer to follow on Instagram. She is a yoga expert who can help you improve the overall metabolism of your body. She has got a decade long experience in the domain of yoga practice daily. You can trust her decade-long experience to help you in understanding the right movements in your yoga journey, especially if you have newly started it. The best thing about following Radhika Bose is you shall also have the added advantage of beauty tips and educational videos.

Source – Instagram

#6 Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta is a certified Level-2 Teacher from Kpjayi. Since 2001, she has been the beacon in India’s yoga, wellness and fitness industry. Deepika Mehta is also known for her motivational teaching methods. The best thing about her is she firmly believes that the only way to achieve something is to put your mind to it. She has also hosted a wide array of TV shows and programs on NDTV and Tata Sky Active Fit. Also, she was highlighted by Elle Magazine & Vogue. She is also featured on India Today’s cover.

Source – Instagram

#7 Shani Dayal

Shani Dayal not only does yoga but is also an architect. She has got her design firm known as Elementa Designs. In her early life, Shani discovered yoga and she choose to advance her practice by enrolling in the teachers’ training program. The mission of her life is to spread the message about healthy living and it has become her passion now.

Source – Instagram

#8 Suvarnarekha Choudhary

If you follow her on Instagram, you will know that Scoliosis affected Suvernarekha. She explains that her yoga journey began when she treated her back issue with daily yoga practices. She is not only one of the best yoga influencers in India, but she is a professional yoga teacher and a motivator for those following the yoga journey. If you are still sceptical about the yoga practices daily, you must follow Suvarnarekha Choudhury on Instagram.

Source – Instagram

9. Urmi Kothari

Yoga coach Urmi Kothari, who is also known as Coach Urmi, thinks that changing our bodies helps to change our mentality. She has got 21 years of experience and expertise in fitness, martial arts, sports, professional dancing and yoga. In the last 7 years, Urmi Kothari developed a wide array of clientele including artists, comic book creators, actors, authors, models, photographers and directors. Thus, if you want to follow professional yoga instructors on Instagram, you should check Urmi Kothari. She is also a Nike trainer and a master trainer.

Source – Instagram

10. Apoorva Jayrajan

Speaking about transforming a passion into a profession, Apoorva Jayrajan has been successfully doing it. She has transformed her passion into a career and earns a living from what she enjoys doing. Not only she is a yoga enthusiast, but she also produces social media content on dance and fitness. Apoorva has got certifications in Hatha Yoga, mat pilates, and power yoga at level 3. When it comes to yoga instructors on Instagram, you must follow her. Apoorva also organizes yoga and wellness retreats.

Source – Instagram

In Conclusion

There is no denying that it takes a lot to master the art of yoga. However, it is never too late. If you are new to the yoga journey, all you have to do is keep on practising yoga daily and you shall be able to hone the power of yoga in a very short period. We have presented you with a checklist of the top 10 yoga instructors on Instagram. If you need some motivation to start your daily yoga practices, these are the yoga enthusiasts you should follow. Not only for daily yoga, but these yoga gurus will offer you additional insights on a healthy lifestyle. We are sure that you shall find some great tips to start your daily yoga practice.

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